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    Real-Time Tracking of your motorbike on your mobile phone”

Bike Protection

Bike Tracker

Anti-theft device track a bicycle’s location and send alarms in the event that it leaves an assigned territory, while savvy bicycle locks can be opened without a physical key and enable a few riders to share access to a solitary bicycle. A large number of these gadgets offer extra includes like ride examination and crash cautions.

Underneath we investigate a few choices to assist you with monitoring your bicycle. Utilizing availability implanted into locks, trackers, handles the following features will support you:

  • High profile real time GPS/GSM/GPRS connectivity
  • Telematics and time tested communications
  • Nationwide and International coverage
  • Utmost finer GSM/GPRS area
  • Branded solution with highest worldwide values
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Vehicle recovery assistance
  • Battery temper monitoring
  • 24/7 dynamic control room
  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Instantaneous support
  • 24 hrs in-house location monitoring
  • 24 hrs vehicle location and vehicle history
  • Ignition on/off monitoring