“Unique Track was established in the belief of founding Tracking technological industry”

Our Vision and Mission

Unique Track was established in the belief of founding Tracking technological industry that would help the clients, masses, and the retail technology operators to visualize and forecast the result of their investment clearly, thus reducing the uncertainty that is considered a hallmark of tracking industry business and investment in vehicle industry of Pakistan for the sake of hundred percent protection of your vehicles and your family and friends.
It also aims to contribute effectively in the tracking development of the country, embellishing it with state of the security.
Our vision is to provide our fellow Pakistanis the most reliable, cost effective and innovative Best Car Security System, Tracking Solutions, Best Fleet Management and Efficiency Management Systems that money can buy. Our dynamic team of professionals not only work day and night to offer various solutions as per our client’s needs but are also aware of their responsibility to uphold the social values that make the Pakistani culture the best in the world.
Our Mission is to provide diversified yet reliable solutions for asset tracking, fleet management and performance control. Our focus remains on innovation and creative management skills through our cutting edge technology in terms of hardware and software. We have dedicated ourselves to give our fellow citizens the peace of mind they need and challenge the negative elements in our society. Our group strives to promote a culture within each organization to constantly adapt and evolve with the changing dynamics of the country.


The company undertakes market research before the launch of every product of Information Technology so that the rationale and market needs can be understood before the launch of every product. The business of Information Technology should be founded on modern studies of marketing and developed on scientific fundamentals of research.
Information Technology has a colossal role to play in the progress of economy and has contributed substantially in the development of the countries worldwide, Unique Track believes in helping the plans that would participate in transforming the vehicles and houses more secure and safe then and there.

Administrative Structure!

Unique Track is a modern and dynamic organization with a clear goal oriented perspective. The competent management of the company makes sure that the resources, expertise and structure of the company foster intrinsic values of organization.
The policy matters and day to day affairs are looked after by the Board of Directors. The members of BoD are responsible for the key decisions, and the members of management and staff perform their duties in accordance with the general policy guidelines of Unique Track, laid by BoD.