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Best GPS Tracker for Car in Pakistan

A well renowned Best Car Tracker Company in Pakistan to Track and Secure your Vehicle, Unique Track providing all international tracking features in Pakistan like vehicle tracker, Internet In Car, Email, 2 Way Messaging, Multi-User Access, Panic Button, Code Reader and Many more. Customer interface is exceptionally adoptable. Unique Track helps you to be relaxed by getting rid of your vehicle security measures and Enjoy Pakistan’s Best Car Security System and best fleet management services. We are ranked among the Top 10 vehicle tracking & best fleet management companies in Pakistan. The GPS tracker for car solutions is implemented by fortune 500 companies. Our tracker system is PTA approved and 100% European with latest technology and features.

An award winning tracker device Zed-X, is a fool proof vehicle tracking system exercise in 32 countries all over the world, using by Unique Track. It’s the first tracker system in Pakistan which consists of all three major technologies of tracking.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking:

Unique Track supplies the latest in GPS tracker technology so that we may provide our customers with the best in a real time vehicle tracking system. The company started in response to a major need for greater GPS tracking technology in the transportation and logistics industries. With decade of experience in the telecommunications sector, the management at Unique Track understands the importance for having the latest technology and be best tracker company in Pakistan. The company continually is searching for the latest updates, changes, and technology related to real time tracking.

With real time tracking, you can locate any of your vehicles at any given time. Just knowing where vehicles and assets are located can provide comfort to business owners and Vehicle holders. A lost or stolen vehicle can create severe problems and will also be very costly. Our GPS tracking device can also monitor things like driver behavior and driver’s report. You can see if a driver speeds or harsh braking excessively. How long a driver has been behind the wheel can also be assessed to help monitor the problem.

Real Time Tracking and Monitoring
Have pin point exact location with live vehicle status. No matter you are busy in office or taking rest at home, you can be in touch with your vehicle by using Unique Track Mobile App and Unique Track web portal.

Battery Tamper Monitoring
In case of battery tampering or low battery Unique Track vehicle tracker company will alert you to check your battery and charge it or protect it at time.

24/7 Dynamic Control Room
Get in touch with our team for any kind of assistance 24/7. You have any query or want to know about your vehicle position, call us anytime, anywhere to get our best services and track your vehicle/fleet.

Web Access
You are at home or in office and your younger child take your car and you are worried about security risks on the road. No need to worry, we bring all the states of your vehicle including speed, rash braking, ignition on/off status, history, total mileage on your laptop/mobile. Access your vehicle status on your laptop or mobile through login on UT web.

Insurance Coverage
Vehicle insurance is also an important initiative to secure your money spent on your vehicle. Insure your vehicle with us, we will provide special discounts and rebate to you if have have already installed our tracker device.

Engine Kill/ Release Facility
You are parking your vehicle and feel that it is not secure and have fear to theft, no worries now, just call us and kill your vehicle engine. Once you killed it no one can start your vehicle until you release its engine. Kill or release vehicle engine at the time of your need to have fool proof vehicle security.

Best Car Alarm System

Your car is not just a mere means of transportation, it’s your trusted road trip companion, one of your most valuable assets, and perhaps most importantly, a mobile memory-making machine. The best way to protect your ride is by arming it with Unique Track car alarm system.

In the case of protecting personal valuables, an auto alarm is a cost effective measure to safeguard your vehicle. Thieves by their very nature will always choose an easier target. The act of installing an alarm increases the likelihood that your vehicle won’t be chosen if other easier alternatives are available. One of the biggest costs of owing a vehicle is the annual insurance bill. When doing the initial shopping for an insurance provider most people will select the company that offers the best cover for the best price. But our best car alarm system decreases your expenses of insurance and gives you peace of mind about the security of vehicle.

Personal Tracker

Now you can easily Track your Loved Ones, Children, Elders, Employees and even your Vehicles (24×7) Anytime Anywhere in Pakistan through your Mobile or Laptop with our Personal Tracker. Tracking your loved ones is now totally Safe and Traceable with our Personal Tracking Services available all across Pakistan. Unique Track keeps you and Your Loved ones Safe & Sound in outside world 24×7 with their Personal Tracking App.

GPS tracking devices can track, manage and set up custom alerts for your vehicle. It is small to hide during installation, easy to install, water-proof and setline based. You can have your vehicle location and report on your mobile or laptop and also can control your vehicle fully with privacy on your mobile. You only have to install Unique Track GPS tracker for car in your vehicle and app in your mobile, now you are free to use it according to your requirement and desire. Its total private system, you don’t have any interference of any kind of individual or company.

Unique Track GPS personal tracker has following functions which will protect your vehicle by your mobile. GPS tracking unit assist you with following vehicles continuously that help evaluate and analyze vehicles’ area, yet in addition vehicle condition.

A well renowned Tracking Company in Pakistan to Track and Secure your Vehicle

What our customer say

I love this company’s product. I plugged in and it starts working immediately. I was able to start reviewing my driver’s driving behaviors right away. The company’s customer service is amazing as well.

Shahid Latif

The best tracking company I had experienced yet, the services are awesome the package which I’m using is U-Easy which provides me many extra facilities than the last tracker company from which I had used the tracker. It’s really amazing for me to freeze my vehicle engine whenever I want. They always provide me exact location of my vehicle. I will refer unique track to everyone because I think it is a great company. The staff is very professional and well mannered. And the most important thing which I like about unique track is that they receive my call within seconds’
well Done Unique Track, May God Fulfill Your business with Blessings Keep It Up!

Haseeb Tariq

Unique Track provides excellent services; my vehicle got stolen near Raiwind, Alhamdulillah it recovered with the help of their recovery team within 2 hours… Thumps up and Keep it up…

Bawa Touseef

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