Attendance Management System:

With the use of biometric attendance system, employees’ arrival and departure are registered with the touch of a finger on biometric scanner. Installation throughout your work location is easy to make it convenient for employees to clock in and out at the start of their day, for lunch and other scheduled breaks.

Implementation of the Biometric Attendance Management System entails the following activities:

  • Installation of Biometric Attendance hardware, software at all locations
  • Database creation and master creations
  • Fingerprint registrations for all staff
  • Manage the attendance of all the on-roll and off-roll employees who are currently serving for the department.
  • There will be feature in the software by which user can mark their attendance in fix or handheld attendance machine.
  • When user punches his/her attendance in handheld machine at remote area, attendance will automatically sync with the server      through GPRS.
  • Link with existing Payroll Management System
  • Administrator can generate different notices regarding employee’s attendance.
  • Making the system live for all departments/zones.
  • Different MIS reports.
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