Fuel Monitoring

Fuel cost is always fills the one-third part of the graph of whole fleet cost. But if you have an accurate fuel monitoring system you can control extra expenses and save money of extra fuel expenses. You can not only cut operating cost but also increase efficiency to reach the destination and satisfy your customer in time.

Trace the vehicle’s normal and abnormal activities along with the behavior of the driver, to save the fuel theft from your fleet or tanker. It also enhances your fleet management and driver efficiency, when he will be alert that he is monitoring with a real GPS tracking system device.

Unique Track can provide you complete fuel consumption report to have a check and balance of your vehicle and behavior of your driver. Unique Track GPS car tracking system collects fuel level and consumption report from a fuel level sensor which will install in your fuel tank. You can manage your fleet fuel consumption with given report.With daily reports you can now see exactly how much fuel is used, the distance traveled, routes taken and the speed with which your vehicles are being driven at.

No more waiting just call us for any queries and we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of how we can make your vehicle surveillance more economical. No need to look any further, you can call us anytime as our representatives are available 24 x 7!

Benefits of UT Fuel Monitoring:

  • Gives exact calculation report of travels in miles and fuel consumption per mile.
  • Track the fuel theft to unveil the real cause of theft.
  • Fuel reconciliation reports at the click of a button
  • Shows the fuel losses.
  • Display fuel level in the storage
  • Accurate mileage drives better preventive maintenance
  • More accurate tracking of vehicle costs per mile
  • Reduce fuel theft
  • Use the fuel data within a variety of reports
  • Make your job easier to make report of fuel consumption
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