The combination of radio communication and applied information technology led to the development of new innovative techniques in the field of the motor business.
A telematics system consists of:

  • Vehicle (cell phone, GPS, vehicle data)
  • Wireless interface
  • Back-office system

As soon the vehicle‘s ignition is activated the “On Board Unit” collects every second the following data:

     Vehicle position (latitude and longitude)
     Driving direction
     Driving speed

Telematics can start measuring changes in vehicle position about driving direction, distance covered by vehicle, maximum and minimum and current speed of the vehicle during travel and vehicle performance. Optionally the MTU can be connected to the vehicle engine management system to collect additional detailed CANBus/FMS data including ignition status, fuel consumption, gear selection, use of cruise control, throttle position etc. to provide in depth reporting of vehicle operation and driving style.

Typical business problems Unique Track addresses include:

  • Inefficient fleet utilization
  • Poor responsiveness to customer
  • Unproductive drivers time
  • Validation of overtime claims
  • Customer service expectations not met
  • Inefficient allocation of tasks and jobs
  • Unproductive mileage
  • Rising fleet insurance costs
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Rising driver costs
  • Driver communication costs
  • Security of drivers
  • Uncontested accident claims
  • Poor driver standards

In line with the modular and scalable nature of the Unique Track portfolio, this core system can be built upon as required, to enhance the features for integration with back-office systems and mobile workforce.

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