Cold Chain Monitoring

Trace the exact location and have an eye on the temperature sensor of your vehicle. You can immediately contact your driver to handle the situation. Refrigerated products are one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. Control of the cold chain is vital to preserve the safety and quality of refrigerated products. Unique Track offers monitoring of reefer temperature control and provides all the reports, events and alarms needed to provide superior refrigerated transportation services. Furthermore, these solutions can reduce fleet operating costs and ensure regulatory compliance for your fleet management needs. No need to look any further, you can call us anytime and our representatives are on call 24 x 7!


  • Temperature sensor to monitor your vehicle and asset hotness
  • Report temperature history
  • Provide readings exceeding set thresholds
  • Automatic alerts on door opening and door closing
  • Waterproof casing
  • Temperature reporting capability
  • Real time temperature data
  • Small enough to fit in small packages
  • Stay connected to your fleet
  • Ability to sound on alarm at the slightest hint of something going wrong


  • Reduce cost of fleet management system
  • Approach the problem in seconds
  • Optimize temperature and fuel control
  • Provide in-time status updates
  • Monitor temperature of products
  • You can access the temperature sensor at any time from any place
  • Access the pinpoint location of vehicle
  • Receive SMS when temperature shows any wrong behavior
  • You can optimize the distance
  • See your fleet’s activity in real-time no matter where you are
  • Monitor detailed information on your crews
  • Dispatch the closest vehicle to an address, landmark, or another vehicle in the field and communicate thru 2-way messaging via a Garmin
  • Quickly respond to emergency situations with precise location data, dispatch, and effective communication
  • Make sure crews are not working excessive hours and over exhausting themselves, which could be dangerous
  • Driver behavior monitor driving habits such as speeding, excessive idling, unauthorized usage, and harsh breaking and fast acceleration
  • Recover stolen vehicles and assets quickly and easily.
  • Shorten response times by deploying the nearest vehicle.
  • Eliminate location status calls to drivers.
  • Increase your daily productivity as well as the productivity of your fleet.
  • Knowing the real time status of every vehicle at all times.
  • Quick response times
  • Proof of services rendered.

You can optimize the distance

How it works?Before a vehicle leaves the destination point a remote transmitter is fixed to a pallet or lorry. Every transmitter will log temperature information at 10-minute interims for up to 1 or 4 days. On appearance either back (at a similar circulation focus or a store arranged to the primary virus chain temperature checking framework) transmitters will promptly and naturally download information without the requirement for a manual block attempt.

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