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Hello Fellows, Friends and Valuable Customers!

Unique Track is a trademark of unique products for the first time in Pakistan in vehicle Tracking Industry with latest state of the art GPS Tracker for car operated by committed and polished employees, Unique Track emerges with a slogan “Security is our passion” and we ensured it, what we say, we are completely fulfilling that. Our quality is uniqueness which we are fulfilling by introducing unique type of features never before in vehicle tracking industry.

Unique Track has been active as a vehicle tracker company in Lahore since 2008 and we are building a growing clientele in Vehicle Tracking sector.  We trust that our technological innovation and advancement into other sectors of our industry will entice our customers to continue choosing Unique Track as their best option for security of their vehicles.

As Vehicle Tracking continually reshapes our industry, Unique Track believes that the requirement for vehicle will be greater than ever. Our vision is to take vehicle Tracking Industry on new heights by introducing most latest and unique features with 99.99% reliability and by doing that In sha Allah we will be on the Top of Vehicle Tracking Companies ranking as we have the potential to do and act.

Chief Executive Officer

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