Real Time Tracking/ Monitoring
Have pin point exact location with live vehicle status

Backup Battery
Our tracker device has its own backup battery to make tracker working in case of battery tempering

24/7 Vehicle Location:
Get your vehicle location 24/7 by calling our contact center

Battery Tamper Monitoring: In case of battery tempering or low battery we will alert you

Nation Wide Coverage:
Have an eye on your vehicle all over the Pakistan and across the border to meet its security measuresu

High Quality GPS/ GPRS Area:
You lost your vehicle; UT will provide assistance in recovery of vehicle

Vehicle Recovery Assistance:
You lost your vehicle; UT will provide assistance in recovery of vehicle

24/7 Dynamic Contact Center
Get in touch with our team for any kind of assistance 24/7

Vehicle Monitoring From Home
Monitor your vehicle location through your mobile or laptop anytime

Excess Idle Monitoring
If your vehicle is not moving for a long time, we will monitor it and let you know

Vehicle Insurance
Insured your vehicle, we will provide discount on device

Vehicle History
You can get one month past detailed history anytime

Door Lock/ Unlock:
Lock or unlock your vehicle door by calling us

Isolated Immobilization
Immobilize your vehicle while moving on your demand

Ignition On/Off Monitoring
Receive alert at the time of ignition on/off on your mobile through SMS

Engine Kill/ Release Facility
Kill or release vehicle engine at the time of your need to secure vehicle

Backdoor Monitoring
You own a container, let us to monitor your back door with UT tracker to secure any theft

No Go Zone Area
Receive alert while your vehicle touch the boundaries of No Go Zone area or border area

On-demand SMS
Check your vehicle history through SMS by sending a command message by your mobile

Multiple and Customize Geo Fencing
Choose your Geo Fencing and let us inform your when vehicle cross those limits

On Map Location
Get your vehicle location on Google map to chase the rout your vehicle passed through

Web Access
Access your vehicle status on your laptop or mobile through login on UT web

Mobile App Access
Access your vehicle status on your mobile through download and login on UT APP

Password Protection
Your privacy is our priority

Route Deviation
Select a fixed route for your vehicle to reach the destination properly on time

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