UT is providing latest technology to safe your vehicle according to the needs of modern era. We are here introducing Pakistan’s number one vehicle tracking system which have a combination of different internationally trusted technologies to trace and handle the vehicles.

Our World Class Tracking Solutions are highly expedient especially among Corporate Segment and Individuals as they are quite efficient and cost effective. Tracking World is proud to say that we have made vehicle tracking a lot easier than ever before. TOYOTA, SUZUKI, FAW, HINO, etc are continuously installing our Solutions in their vehicles in Pakistan.

Having the world’s latest GPRS technology with Satellite GPS Tracking Devices, your fleet/vehicles can be monitored and traced in real time from anywhere at any time; even from your desktop. This provides extreme and perfect control over your fleet as every single vehicle can be monitored continuously. Unique Track is using branded telemetric hardware, 100% imported from Europe, IBM’s backbone and AT&T Wireless and Microsoft certified software solutions, which gives it an edge over all other competitors worldwide. Also, it is the only product certified by American and European HSE standards certified by PTCRB, FCC, IC, Emark and UL from European Union, Canada and the United States, which is why this will be the most suitable product to manage your fleet.

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