Automatic Vehicle Location

Automatic vehicle location or AVL is used to determine the geographic location of the vehicle and turn it into an exact pin point where it can be used. Usually location is determined through GPS and its transmission mechanism is satellite which takes data from nearby cellular tower and connects it from vehicle to a radio receiver.

Automatic Vehicle Location is a powerful tool of managing fleets of vehicles including all types of vehicles such as domestic use, commercial use, service givers, loading trailers and portable power generators.

Locating a moving vehicle or a heavy truck in real time can be a challenging task. Unique Track’s skills in combination with GIS and GPS have made an effective system. This system will locate real time pinpoint location of the vehicle and display it on the map to chase easily and exactly.

The low price and ubiquity of Global Positioning System or GPS Tracking Devices has lent itself to more accurate and reliable telelocation systems. GPS signals are impervious to most electrical noise sources and don’t require the user to install an entire system. Only a receiver to collect signals from the satellite segment is installed in each vehicle and a radio to communicate the collected location data with a dispatch point are typically used.

Large private telelocation or automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems send data from GPS receivers in vehicles to a dispatch center over their private, user-owned radio backbone. These systems are used for businesses like parcel delivery and ambulances. Location data is periodically polled from each vehicle in a fleet by a central controller or computer. In the simplest systems, data from the GPS receiver is displayed on a map, allowing people to determine the location of each vehicle. More complex systems feed the data into a computer-assisted dispatch system, which automates the process.

The primary advantages to an AVL system are:
Ø  Locate and send nearest vehicle to customer
Ø  Greater number of pickups and deliveries per day
Ø  Increase on-time deliveries
Ø  Increase number of vehicles dispatcher can manage
Ø  Tracking report documentation
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