GIS Services!

The mission of the GIS Services is to provide the highest possible quality geospatial services to users within the States of Pakistan in a timely fashion as economically as possible. These services will facilitate the efficient and effective management of the human, cultural, and financial, and natural resources of the State of Pakistan, and its local communities. Geospatial services are defined as technical, management, and administrative consulting, data provision, application development and implementation services of spatial information.

As Unique Track has its own modern and well-equipped GIS Lab with a full Team. So Unique Track can implement GIS technologies for the design and development of customized applications related to various fields and business lines including:

Asset/resource management

Water resources management

Land management

Facility management

Site management

Environmental investigation

Transportation system management

Water System Modeling and Analysis

Utility management

Raster management

Urban planning

Image processing

Gis based capacity building

Web-based GIS

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