• “Unique Track provides best security provider to secure your bike from theft”

  • “We introduced the Best Motorbike Tracking System which allows you to access 24×7
    Real-Time Tracking of your motorbike on your mobile phone”

Bike Protection

Bike Tracker

If you have a motorbike, the next thing you need to do is “Protect it from Thieves”. In order to improve motorcycle security and offer you peace of mind during an unfortunate event of theft, we are providing best bike tracker by which you can track it and save from theft.  Unique Track is well deserved to be known as best bike Tracker Company in Pakistan. We deliver 24×7 motorbikes tracking to make sure the security of your money you spend on your beloved bike.

Underneath we investigate a few choices to assist you with monitoring your motorbike. Utilizing availability implanted into locks, trackers, handles the following features will support you:

  • High profile real time GPS/GSM/GPRS connectivity
  • Telematics and time tested communications
  • Nationwide and International coverage
  • Utmost finer GSM/GPRS area
  • Branded solution with highest worldwide values
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Vehicle recovery assistance
  • Battery temper monitoring
  • 24/7 dynamic control room
  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Instantaneous support
  • 24 hrs in-house location monitoring
  • 24 hrs vehicle location and vehicle history
  • Ignition on/off monitoring
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