Q: What is a local associate/partner?

A local partner is a company that offers the best of Unique Track Systems products and services, in its territory for example Faisalabad.

Q: How does my company become a dealer?

Step 1: Send your profile to [email protected]
Step 2: Unique Track will review your profile
Step 3: 3 units will have to be purchased
Step 4: Our installer and technical team will come and install the unit and demonstrate how it works
Step 5: The dealer agreement is signed

Q: What is the investment?

The investment/security deposit starts from 2 million rupees, depending on the territory. Investment is in the hardware units stock. Unique Track provides all the technical support/ servers/ control room/ web portal/ maps/ marketing literature/ national advertising and press. Our model is based on that we want our associates/partner to be only concerned with the installation of the hardware and the marketing. Rest all is taken care of by Unique Track.

Q: What type of services an associate/dealer is offering to its clients?

The dealer can offer to their clients either a fleet management service, a vehicle and driver protection services, or both, or the other products for which he/she is authorized by Unique Track.

Q: Who are the potential clients?

For fleet management service, the potential clients can be
* Commercial companies with a large fleet of vehicles (such as transportation, car leasing, taxis, retail, rentals)
* Public service fleets (such as buses, police, ambulances, security services, and garbage trucks)
* Refrigerated Vans
* Containers and tanker truck companies
* Cash Carrying Armed Vehicles
* Custom Solutions regarding remote monitoring and controlling

For the security service, the potential clients can be:

* Insurance companies.
* Commercial companies.
* Private Car Owner

Q: What is the business model?

The business model is to sell and install the hardware to clients. The dealer makes a profit on this. Once the hardware is sold Unique Track charges the customer a monthly fee for the software and SIM card for which the dealer is given a pre-agreed margin. Customers cannot shift services provider which ensures that the dealer gets a recurring income from the sale for a min 5 years.

Q: Does Unique Track provide you with an on-site training?

Yes. After the first commercial purchase order has been delivered, Unique Track technical team will arrive in order to provide on-site training. Unique Track will train you on how to install the unit, how to use the various applications, and how to market the system. The training is for 2 days. Immediately after the training is over – you are fully operational and ready to start selling.

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