Now you can easily Track your Loved Ones, Children, Elders, Employees and even your Vehicles (24×7) Anytime Anywhere in Pakistan through your Mobile or Laptop with our Personal Tracker. Tracking your loved ones is now totally Safe and Traceable with our Personal Tracking Services available all across Pakistan. Unique Track keeps you and Your Loved ones Safe & Sound in outside world 24×7 with their Personal Tracking App.

GPS tracking unit can track, manage and set up custom alerts for your vehicle. It is small to hide during installation, easy to install, water-proof and setline based. You can have your vehicle location and report on your mobile or laptop and also can control your vehicle fully with privacy on your mobile. You only have to install Unique Track car tracking devices in your vehicle and app in your mobile, now you are free to use it according to your requirement and desire. Its total private system, you don’t have any interference of any kind of individual or company.

Unique Track GPS personal tracker has following functions which will protect your vehicle by your mobile. GPS tracking devices assist you with following vehicles continuously that help evaluate and analyze vehicles’ area, yet in addition vehicle condition. GPS vehicle trackers decide exact vehicle location progressively and dispatch nonstop feed and updates by means of satellite or cell arrange. This data is consistently given to a focal server where it is put away and can be recovered whenever. Guarantee a streamlined procedure of staying aware of interest by knowing precisely where your rental vehicle is consistently.

  • By having constant access to this information, you can look after logs; plan pickups if there should be an occurrence of deferrals, speak with drivers and make a situational mindfulness that will prompt better and more secure driving encounters.
  • With GPS innovation, your rental vehicle drivers will experience no difficulty finding their goal. With a plainly characterized guide, featured driving bearings to goal and a simple to utilize interface, arriving at point B has never been simpler. This incredibly diminishes fender benders and improves wellbeing.
  • Car rental trackers help in exploring through unforgiving conditions and tough territories when deceivability is poor.
  • Car Rental GPS additionally coordinates with traffic refreshes giving you driving headings important to maintain a strategic distance from deterrents and accidents en route.
  • Stay refreshed on driving conduct of clients by getting reports on speed and motor conditions.
  • Prevent robbery. As a rental organization you will consistently confront the danger of vehicle robbery from both outcast and your own clients. This is stressing all the more so if there should arise an occurrence of colorful vehicles, sports autos and limousines, which are extremely costly and inestimable to your armada. Make custom cautions, set up geo-wall, and initiate motor shut down, auto lock entryways and parcels progressively through GPS beacons.
  • If a vehicle moves outside an assigned geo-fenced zone, you will quickly get an alarm provoking you to counteract robbery. Uphold security the board; anticipate robbery by having nonstop observation information within reach.
  • In the event of vehicle breakdown, get cautions which will permit you quickly send a reinforcement vehicle or fix wagon. This extra component will improve your organization’s picture and notoriety.
  • Extend the life of vehicles by planning checkups and support work through ordinary analytic reports.
  • GPS trackers have extremely simple establishment. No intricate workforce is required for either establishment or support.
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