Location Via SMS

Unique Track, the market leader with the most exciting and new features in GPS vehicle Tracking industry, offers vehicle location via SMS to its valuable customers both consumers and corporate. Now user can get immediate location of his/her vehicle by just sending an SMS.

Unique Track has jumped into the location based services with their Short Messaging Service (SMS). A welcome addition to the available location based services in the GPS Vehicle Tracking Market of Pakistan. Unique Track offers Location based SMS service to its customers which is offered first time in Pakistan. User can visually see his/her vehicles location by just sending an SMS.

This launch is pretty much in time because Unique Track has distinction over other GPS car tracking devices, and it is the right time for Unique Track to fulfill the market need. Unique Track SMS facility creates one-on-one communication with customer and vehicle.

SMS is the world’s largest platform to reach out to consumers, every mobile phone is SMS enabled, and it has 100% penetration. So keeping in mind the importance of SMS, Unique Track has introduced this amazing feature in Pakistan. It is a cost effective way to communicate, which allows timely assessment of results. User has no need to bear the expenses of call; just a single SMS can fulfill customer need.

Unique Track SMS facility is ideal for all customers who want to interact with their vehicles immediately. The main features of the services are described below:

Complete Vehicle Location with Town, City and Province detail in inbox of your mobile.
Ignition status
Speed of Vehicle
Distance of Vehicle from the nearest Landmark
Graphical views of Vehicle(s) Location on Unique Track’s Digital map via MMS.
Last 36 days history of your Vehicle
Find Hospitals near your Vehicle
Find Fuel Stations near your Vehicle
Find Hotels near your Vehicle
Find Police Station near your Vehicle
Find Mosque’s near your Vehicle & much more…

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