Why   Unique Track

Unique Track is one of the best tracking services provider company in Pakistan. Our fleet management technical solution is running under the observation of expert engineers and QA and technical team. We are in the pioneers of the tracking services and fleet management in Pakistan.
As we are one of those companies in the town which provides services in cheap rates as compared to the other companies in the market. So our customers from big fleet companies to individuals are able to enjoy the security and benefits of vehicle tracking.
Our 100% European, PTA approved Tracking tools have empowered fleet owners to reduce their costs and ensure vehicle security by employing latest technologies such as fuel consumption monitoring, mileage statistics, route deviation controls and nationwide monitoring.

Unique Track (Pvt) Ltd is a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s Licensee to work “Satellite Based Vehicle Tracking Services “, security systems and Fence cross alarms in Pakistan. UT has solid foundations in the market since last 11 years and we have done critical interests in introducing a cutting edge network framework. We have contact with numerous International organizations relating to Satellite Services, Hardware, Software and Network gear and we will use these offices to give extreme following arrangements.

“Your Security is Our Passion”

Dedicated R&D unit (RDU):

Operating in a country like ours, the market requirements from vehicles’ tracking point of view are fairly unique, given the overall law & order situation and other distinctive socio economic factors. Therefore, our ability to deliver customized solution to our clients is critical. For this, we have established an in-house R&D unit which works in close coordination with our principal vendor. We take pride that we are able to provide customized solutions to our clients both in hardware and software systems thus ensuring continuous optimization of our product.

Our unmatched national coverage:

Our services are strategically situated across all cities of Pakistan which are equipped with the state-of- the art infrastructure. And they are handled by a team of trained and professional security & recovery staff, guaranteeing effective nationwide coverage.

Swift and hassle free Installation:

We have a three week intensive training programmed for all our technical staff which has been developed in close coordination with our European technology partner. This not only train our staff with skills of international standard but it also ensures swift and trouble free installation of tracking unit in your vehicle.

Recovery & Response Unit (RRU):

Our objective is not only to track the position of your stolen vehicle, but also attach foremost importance to its quick and timely recovery. To make that possible we have a well-equipped Recovery & Response Team that works in close coordination with government agencies to ensure swift and timely recovery.

24/7 Hotline and Call Centre:

We have a dedicated, nationwide, round the clock Hotline and our state-of-the-art Call centre, provides uninterrupted communication with our customers. Our call center staff is always on high alert and in any given situation they follow the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which is in-line with the best International practice.

Control Room and Network Capability:

Our Control room and associated network is the back bone of our business and therefore we have invested heavily to establish a world class control room and network support system, capable of handling a large number of vehicles in Pakistan. The control room staff is highly experienced and always geared up to deal with every situation be it technical or otherwise.

Competitive Pricing:

In Pakistan’s tracking industry a good quality product is typically over priced while a low quality product, though relatively cheaper, is unable to meet the reliability standards that are a prerequisite to any sophisticated technology driven industry. We have a high quality and reliable European product at a competitive price which is in complete contrast to the industry norms of Pakistan. In essence, our main focus is not to maximize revenues but to provide a product of international standards that is affordable in various segments of the market.

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