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    “A well renowned Vehicle Tracking Company in Pakistan to Track and Secure your Vehicle”

About Unique Track

One of the leading vehicle tracking companies of Pakistan Unique Track (Pvt) Ltd, established in year 2008. is. Leaded by several Vehicle Tracker Experts, the organization has scored a prestigious repute in a very short time span. The Company has assembled a team of experts in IT & marketing, the best brains of the field.

We are the providers of vehicle Tracking System combines the uses of automatic vehicle location with software that collects fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Nowadays, modern upcoming systems are built in with GPS technology for locating the vehicle. Other types of locating technologies can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on Maps through internet or other specialized software connected through the internet. A GPS is a Navigated device. It is normally carried by a moving vehicle that uses the GPS to track the movements of vehicle and determine its location. The data of recorded location can be stored within the vehicle tracking unit or transmitted to internet or the servers on back ends, by device using the internet, cellular, GPRS, SMS or Satellite modem embedded in the unit. It allows the location to be displayed against a map, either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using GPS tracking software.

Having the world’s best GPRS technology with Satellite GPS Tracking System, your fleet/vehicles can be monitored and traced in real time from anywhere at any time; even from your desktop. This provides extreme and immaculate control over your fleet as every single vehicle can be monitored continuously. Unique Track is using branded telemetric hardware, 100% imported from Europe, which gives it an edge over all other competitors worldwide. Also, it is the only product certified by American and European HSE standards certified by PTCRB, FCC, IC, Emark and UL from European Union. That is why this will be the most suitable product to manage your fleet.

Unique Track is providing all the available features in Pakistan like battery tamper monitoring, 24/7 dynamic control room, real time tracking and monitoring, excess idle monitoring, door lock/unlock, isolated immobilization, real time web based vehicle tracking, ignition on/off monitoring, back door monitoring, competence of no go zone area, location based short messaging service, multiple and customize Geo fencing, vehicle tracking and advanced vector and Google Maps, route deviation, temperature monitoring, vehicle maintenance schedule, password protection, complete fleet management, vehicle recovery assistance and complete customized solution and online vehicle history.

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