Our Best Tracker Services in Lahore and all other cities of Pakistan help our clients to ensure vehicle security by managing their fleet on real time basis. It is done to ensure the cargo security by all means and to make this solution more efficient we offer satellite based tracking services. In this way the rented vehicles, prime-movers and the containers can be tracked live without any disconnection in the Non GSM areas. This reduces the risk of theft or any damage that can occur to the cargo en-route to its final destination.

To ensure quality services we deploy two hardware in every vehicle; first one is installed in the prime-mover to offer all fleet management features to the haulage managers and the second one is satellite based equipment attached to the container doors and is used for continuous tracking in Non GSM areas and it also offer alerts if the doors are tampered during the journey. Both the equipments are well synchronized to offer real time tracking on long routes.

  High Profile State-Of-The-Art GPS/GSM/GPRS System
  Telemetric and Time Tested Communications
  Nation Wide Coverage
  Utmost Finer GSM/GPRS Area
  Branded Solution With Highest Worldwide Values
  Vehicle Recovery Assistance
  Rebate on Insurance
  Real time Tracking and Monitoring
  24/7 Dynamic Control Room
  Instantaneous Support
  Excess Idle Monitoring
  1 year limited warranty
  24 hrs In-House Location Monitoring
  Battery Tamper Monitoring
  Bonnet Lock Facility
  Isolated Immobilization
  Geo Fencing Facility
  Door Lock/Unlock Facility
  Vehicle History
  Panic Button
  Multiple & Customized Geo Fence Facility
  Real Time Web Based Vehicle Tracking
  The competence of No Go Zone
  Location Based Short Messaging Service
  Back Door Monitoring
  Ignition ON/OFF Monitoring
  Vehicle Tracking on Advanced & Vector Google Maps